120 Pcs Plastic Floss Bobbin Cards & Winder

120 Pcs Plastic Floss Bobbin Cards & Winder

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Bobbin winder is the perfect embroidery thread organizer, storing the remaining embroidery thread for your next use, to prevent various thread confusion and save your time!

1. Floss Bobbins is small and exquisite, easy to store.

2. The plastic material can be used repeatedly and has a long service life.

3. It is very helpful to you classify and organize the embroidery thread, to prevent the embroidery thread from loosening and causing various confusions.

4. Floss Winder can speed up the winding speed of the embroidery thread and save your time.

  • Reusable High Quality Plastic Material: floss bobbins are made of high-quality and durable environmentally friendly plastic. They are easy to use and more durable than cardboard bobbins. Plastic floss bobbins can be recycled many times and have a long service life.
  • Package Quantity: 120 pieces white floss bobbins + 1 floss winder, a perfect embroidery thread storage tool for embroidery thread organization and remaining thread storage.
  • Small Size - Convenient Storage: Floss bobbins size (approx) 1.43 x 1.53 inch / 3.6 x 3.9 cm, small and exquisite size, easy to store, these thread cards can help you keep the thread clean and tidy, no more messy loose threads to prevent the embroidery thread winding.

  • Faster Winding Thread: equipped with floss bobbin winder, this floss bobbin winder uses hand cranking to accelerate the winding thread, saving your time, fast and convenient.
  • Multi-purpose: This floss thread organizer can be used for embroidery, sewing, friendship bracelet, skein, washi tape, DIY process storage, to prevent various thread confusion, make your embroidery and sewing easier.

How To Use


Material: plastic

Color: transparent, white, pink, blue, green

Quantity: 120 pieces

Size: 4*3.7 cm/1.57*1.45 inch

Package Includes:

120 x Plastic Floss Bobbin Cards

1 x Hand-Cranked Yarn Winder