Bora MiteriX Angular Measurement Tool

Bora MiteriX Angular Measurement Tool

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Bora MiteriX provides the most accurate angle measurement and saves time and materials, making it easy to transfer angles directly to your miter saw

One of the most difficult parts of woodworking and DIY home improvement projects is getting accurate angle measurements. With the Bora MiteriX copier gauging tool, it's easy to do so without math or reading scales. It measures the angle with absolute precision, then locks the angle and splits it in half for precise transfer to your miter saw for a perfect cut every time.

When your miter cuts are precisely matched, there are no unsightly gaps that are common when measuring with your bare hands. It saves you time and wastes far less material. The best part is that you can measure the existing angle of a piece of furniture, the corner of another room, or anywhere, and then duplicate that exact angle to set up the miter saw. For example, if you are cutting crown molding, cornice molding, wood framing, skirting boards or trim for an existing piece, staircase or wall and the angle you need is not the perfect preset angle, this measuring tool will save hours of frustration and ensure your success the first time.

This tool measurement guide is also suitable for table saw miter gauge setups. Designed for long-term use, Bora is the best, and this angle measuring tool is no exception.

Product folds to :11" x 1.5" x 1.5".
Suitable for any angle: internal or external 0°-180°

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