DIY PomPom Maker Mat Knitting Set

DIY PomPom Maker Mat Knitting Set

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💛Do you love pompom mats but don’t know how to make one of your own? Pompom maker set is here to help! Just a few simple steps and voila!
🌈Easily DIY Your Own Colorful Pompom Mat💕

  • You can use it to adorn your homemade creations or decorate your scarves, hats, handbags, baby layettes, sweaters, and so much more.

  • ✅Not only it is enjoyable to create, but it also works as a productive bonding time for everyone – children and adults alike! Create a squishy, soft and fluffy pompom mat with the DIY PomPom Maker Mat Knitting Set TODAY!


  • 🙋‍♀JUST A FEW SIMPLE STEPS- Simply attach the yarn onto the pompom maker, cut through the yarn, secure by tying wool around the middle and release to reveal a fluffy pompom!


  • Wind the yarn around each side of the pom-pom maker then close it.
  • Cut around the edges.
  • Secure by tying the wool around the middle with the use of another small piece of yarn.
  • Open both sides of the pom-pom maker and pop open the center of the maker to reveal your gorgeously made pom-poms.

  • 🙋‍♀ALL IN ONE KIT- Comes with 12 balls of yarn with varying colors and 4 sizes of Fluffball Maker. Mix and match wool ball color to unleash creativity!

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