Expressive Pumpkin

Expressive Pumpkin

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Not the happiest pumpkin in the patch, but Edgar brings real personality (and probably a few grins) to your whimsical Halloween arrangement. Long-lasting paper–mâché construction, this Expressive Pumpkin is shaped and hand-painted to bring unique character to life. Dimensional embellishments, like his fabric leaf and curlicue topper, are worthy of a second (or third) look. He looks especially handsome with displayed with other Expressive Pumpkins in our collection.

These Halloween decoration pumpkins are made of Premium fabric, hand-shaped without any mold.
They can be used as a decoration or a nice artful gift for any occasion.🧡🍊This is one fabulous door swag. It is beautiful! Tightly constructed and sturdy with plenty of decorative elements. Even prettier than described. Exceeded all my expectations.


  • Human-like Halloween pumpkin decor
  • Handpainted; dimensional accents
  • Material: resin
  • Weighted base to sit securely
  • For indoor and outdoor


Wilson: 5.51*5.90*6.29 inches
Oliver: 5.51*5.90*6.29 inches
JASPER: 5.90*5.51*5.90 inches
EDGAR: 5.11*5.11*6.29 inches
HERBERT: 5.11*5.11*7.87 inches
FRANK: 3.93*4.72*7.87 inches