Flexible Curve Ruler

Flexible Curve Ruler

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MjLarge and clear markings in both Inches and CM for easy reading.

Easy to adjust quickly from one shape to another: This flexible curve ruler is made of soft plastic material, it can be bent at will, and there is metal strip for shaping. Maximum bend ability for easily creating a wide array of designs.

Widely Use: Ideal For Measuring Curved Seams And Designing Curved Quilt Border Patterns. Professional flexible curve ruler for engineering drawing, design graphics, garment design and all kinds of painting and more.

30/40/50/60 cm Length: Double-Sided Ruler With One Side Metric Unit (1 mm Graduations) And One Side US Unit (1/16 Inch Graduations).


  • Material: Soft Plastic &Metal
  • Length: 30(12 Inch); 40(16 Inch); 50(20 Inch); 60cm(24 Inch)
  • Color: Blue + White
  • Easy to adjust quickly from one shape to another.