Leather Weaving Slot Punch Tool

Leather Weaving Slot Punch Tool

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  • Smooth surface,sturdy and durable,not raw embroidery.
  • They are usable in a long time.
  • An awesome tool for leather craft professionals and amateurs.
  • Suitable for handmade Leather jacket, bags, shoes, belt, wallet, watch wristband and other crafts embellishments.
  • You can repaire your clothes and decorate your crafts by yourself.


Material: Hight Speed Steel Size: 7/8/9/10mm 4 size for choose Ear shape width:7mm,8mm, 9mm,10mm.


1.It is recommended to use soft pad or leather piece to protect sharp chisel teeth as it is expendable.

2.Recommended for leather below 1mm.

3.Must be perpendicular to the perforated leather,and don't beat it with heavy hammer, you can use plastic hammer or nylon hammer.

4.When not in use, can be coated with a layer of oil between the cut, put protective sleeve to do with the maintenance.