Magic Broom

Magic Broom

Save 38%

Making housework simple

Everyone can use a second pair of hands when doing work around the house! Magic Broom gives you a clever, labor-saving way of cleaning any places all by yourself! Use one device instead of 5 different. Shine your back with the oblong stick. Handling is child’s play! 

Why Magic Broom is for you

Invaluable assistance- Take the heavy work off your back when cleaning your house; Magic Broom can help to remove everything into an optimal Household! Seamless Cleaning- With an easy way of sweeping the doors, removing pet hairs, and cleaning windows, all your home works will go smoothly!

Multi-scene use

Suitable for living room, kitchen, swimming pool, garage, bathroom, can also be used As a window squeegee cleaning spray glass wiper.

Easy to Clean

Magic Broom is the ultimate choice- Precise, powerful, and practical. Magic Broom does the work for every job so that you can make improvements without sweat! 


PRODUCT DETAIL: The extra-long handle also allows you to safely reach high windows without the need for stools or step ladders and other hard-to-reach areas. 

MATERIAL:Silicone+Stainless steel+Plastic

As shown in the picture


1 x Magic Broom