Nordic Bubble Gum Sculpture

Nordic Bubble Gum Sculpture

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Bubble Gum Girl is the fun, quirky,and playful home décor piece that you need to freshen things up.

This beautiful hand-sculpted and hand-painted vase will instantly lighten the air of your living space with ease. Fill it with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers that you can find to ensure that every time you step foot into your space you're greeted with fun,confidenceand beauty.Don't forget to choose from the variety of styles available.

Undrained without a drain hole in bottom to keep your desktop or ground dry, ideal for succulents, cacti, green plants,dry flower or fresh flowers,pen holder container or a showpiece decoration etc..includes just a vase, No plant.

Ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas or Housewarming gifts


Material: Resin
Color: White, Pink, Green
Size: 7*9*11.5cm