Quilling paper painting Kit - BUTTERFLY

Quilling paper painting Kit - BUTTERFLY

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Package Difference:
Basic kit: Complete a quilling paper painting normally
DIY kit: Make your quilling paper painting more perfect


Gift made by yourself are even more meaningful. You can make this special art craft for your lover, family, and friends. This gift will surprise them and stay in their memory.(Suitable for beginners and enthusiasts


15.75" x 3.94″ x3.94″ (40cm x 10cmx10cm)


  • High-quality Paper Strips: The Paper Filigree Painting strips are made of high-quality Dandy paper,1 cm wide, with a stronger sense of three-dimensionality, good maneuverability, and beautiful colors, which better express the style of the work.
  • EVA Pattern Board: Our designers get the best line patterns through repeated research on the effects of light and shadow. Based on the demand for Eco-Friendly, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and highly elastic materials, we tried thousands of materials and found EVA finally, the best material! Through laser precision cutting, we have made our professional EVA pattern board.
  • Complete Tool Kit: The package contains EVA pattern board, Paper strips, White glue, Glue applicator, Tweezers, Awls, Scissors, and Instructions. Let's be creative with the easy and professional paper filigree painting Kit.