Vase Resin Silicone Mold

Vase Resin Silicone Mold

Save 33%
💐No more fear of breaking vases, no more worrying about not having enough vases.

People have character, plant propagation station can also have.
different shapes, different colors,are representative of different personalities.
and then the plant propagation station can find the owner belonging to its character.

People & nature
Open the window, the first rays of the morning sun shine on the vase, the synthesis of light and shadow, the intersection of light and dark, the vase enjoys the harmony of sunlight in the peace, full of gratitude for the sun.

Excellent quality
Easy to use epoxy mold, easy to release, smooth inside and high transparency of the finished product. Compared to glass vases, resin works are not afraid of being broken and can be manufactured in multiple quantities, which is cost-effective.

Simple design
This silicone resin mold uses a square embedded in the round retro shape, looks very artistic. The groove of the mold is very deep, you can put a lot of filler, better play your idea, make the vase more creative, more ornamental.

Not only decorative
Our resin mold can make multiple propagation stations in the bedroom computer desk, bedside table next to the alarm clock, bookshelf, living room, or office, busy life needs a little green vitality to relax and add a touch of elegance to life.

Palksky resin mold the finished piece is a square with 4.3" Sides and 1.9" Thickness. Equipped with 3 test tubes with 0.7" Inner diameter for making multiple plant propagation stations.

Product Dimensions:
3.94 x 3.94 x 0.39 inches

Package includes:
Vase Resin Silicone Mold*1
Tubes with 0.7" *3

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