Zipper Adjustable Sewing Presser Foot

Zipper Adjustable Sewing Presser Foot

Save 46%

Sewing A Zipper Has Neven Been So Simple!

This can help you prevent sewing into the zipper teeth so you can achieve stellar results. It also has a clip-on design that presses down on the material so you don't need to keep it lined up with your hands.

  • LIFESAVER FOR EVERY SEWING ENTHUSIAST: This can add a lot of ease to your sewing and save you a lot of time.
  • HANDS-FREE OPERATION: The clip-on foot presser holds the fabric down under the needle as it is sewn, minimizing the need to hold onto the zippers with your own hands.
  • ADJUSTABLE: The height and width are easily adjustable so you can work comfortably anytime, even the screws can be adjusted to match your preference.
  • VARIOUS APPLICATION: It not only makes inserting zippers fast and easy but also works great for making custom piping or cording for any garment or home decorating project.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Made for a universal fit to be used on any standard-sized sewing machines.
  • FAST INSTALLATION: No other tools needed for installation, simply snap it on in place until it locks.
  • VERSATILE: It adds different functionalities to your sewing machine so that it can accomplish much more than mere straight stitching.

How to Use:

  • Attach the zipper foot to your sewing machine by using the knobs to position it in place
  • Prepare the fabric
  • Pin the zip in place, making sure the zip teeth are centered on the seam line
  • Start sewing
  • When sewing an invisible zipper, simply use the edge of the foot to flatten the zipper teeth as you sew


  • Material: Stainless Steel
    Length: 120mm
  • Package contains: 1 x Line Positioning Zipper Foot